Sad news has just come to hand – the former NZ Express Co building, which is on the corner of Manchester and Hereford St, will be knocked down this afternoon. It is a 7-storey building that is registered as a category 1 building with the Historic Places Trust. When it was built, in 1906, it was the tallest office building in Christchurch. For me, this is when the earthquake is starting to hit home. This is a beautiful building, that shows the diversity of architecture in Christchurch. I can see this building from my apartment, and have often thought that I would liked to have lived there. Fortunately for me, I never managed that – as if I had been in there, I suspect that I would not have been allowed to get back in to get my things out. My thoughts go out to all the people who had offices in that building, and who have done in the past.

NZ Express Co