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this is an open source google map on which people have added useful information about Christchurch

the Christchurch Quake Map has proven to be one of the clearest ways to visualise the quake.

an unashamedly left-wing take on the economic stimulus that the earthquake may or may not lead to

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I’ve just got back from a drink with a few friends. I think we’re a little odd, in that we either lived in the city or ran businesses there. I feel as though me and my circle of friends – most of whom have lost, at least temporarily – either their place of work or residence may be more affected than most people in the city. I don’t mean that we are martyrs or anything like that, just that there are probably a large number of people for whom this quake will have quite a small effect, comparatively. Some of the suburbs are untouched, whilst others, especially those on the northern and eastern fringes of the central city, are devastated. It’s hard to talk about anything else apart from the quake – where we were when it happened, what we did in the next day or two, experiences getting in and out of the cordon, whether things will be knocked down or whether they will get a reprieve.

It’s clear to me – at least from the people that I’ve been talking to – that the people who live and work in the city are really concerned about some of most precious buildings, as well as worrying about getting the city up and running again. One of my friends, who works at C1, says they will be opening in 2 weeks. The building is fine, but then, what is the point of opening up a cafe within a cordoned off area? As the scale of the clean up becomes clearer each day, I think those of us who live (or used to live) within the cordon can see it staying up for a much longer time than we had initially imagined.

I went out through Lyttelton, Sumner and Woolston today, and I hope to get some photos and thoughts up about that tomorrow. Let’s hope for a shake-free night.