The Herald are running a series on how the quake has affected small businesses in Christchurch. This one features my friend Scot from the Christchurch Temperance Society, and provides a good description of just how hard things are going to be for Christchurch, going forward.

My friend Cheryl has been living out the earthquake in Merivale in a far worse situation that I have: no water, no toilet and small children. She’s written about that here

Here is a Facebook group dedicated to saving the much-loved Canterbury Cheesemongers shop.

Last night, Campbell Live were filming live from the Vespa Room bar, which is on the ground floor of my old flat in Poplar St. We were there, being background prats. It might be a little hard to spot, but have a go here

Finally, this is a facebook group which I hope will make a difference – pledge $10 for a brick, to help save the Manchester Courts building