Rumour has gone along way in the information void since the quake, so it is good to get word from the owner’s mouth, from time to time. This is what Richard Peebles had to say about trying to save the building he owns, Manchester Courts:

“But no one is prepared to say it will stand up to the next aftershock so I don’t see what choice I have. I’ve spent most of my working life restoring historic buildings and I won’t be there when it comes down. All the businesses within 100m can’t operate until the building is either down or safe and to make it safe would take months. I spent all last night trying to work out a way I could make safe it. But no one is going to allow that”

My house is within 100m, so that might explain why I can’t get in. There was also some interesting information in the same article from the Herald about the make-up of some of our quake-prone buildings:

* 7600 pre-1976 commercial blocks.

* 490 heritage-listed blocks.

* 295 unreinforced masonry.

* 29 reinforced concrete.

* 163 timber-frame.

* 220 strengthened to an extent.

Also, Cheryl has updated her blog with some more pictures and thoughts from a trip to the central city.