A long and interesting interview with Jim Anderton by Gordon Campbell has been posted at Werewolf. It covers a lot, and you might not agree with any or all of what Jim says. I think it’s great that he will open himself up for such a detailed interview – and I’d like to see the same from Bob. Though he tells us that he’s too busy, an interview like this would only take less than an hour of his time. I know that he could fit that into his schedule – to tell us that now – coming up to 4 weeks after the quake – that he STILL can’t find the time to tell us what he sees the future of Christchurch to be just shows the lack of respect he has for the public and the ideals of open democracy. Anyway, regardless of what you think of either of them, it’s worth a read.

Anderton on the election campaign:

I’m going out on the street. Because this is the most amazing election I’ve ever been in…Here we’ve got an election, where the campaign has been cancelled. There is no campaign. Bob doesn’t come to any meetings. He’s too busy to campaign. Oh really? So that’s why he was with Richie McCaw for two or three hours the day before yesterday. He wasn’t campaigning. Of course. So it goes. So, no meetings, Bob doesn’t turn up. The Press was going to have a debate, all cancelled. But guess what? We are going to have the election. The campaign gets cancelled, but not the election. Who does that favour? Well, you know the answer to that.

So, I’m going out on the street. I’m campaigning. Now, some people are saying oh, you shouldn’t be campaigning, you should be more sensitive. Well, if we’re going to be more sensitive, cancel the election. But if you’re going to hold the bloody election, people have a right to know who’s standing for what, and why. And Bob’s just standing in front of a camera.