So the Rugby World Cup will go somewhere else, which leaves the people of Christchurch with a 45,000 seat stadium that is never more than half full and a $45 million debt problem that the ratepayers have to service. It also turns out that VBase hadn’t bothered to insure the turf, and so it will cost $4.1 million just to get it up to scratch, so that they can open up and lose more money. Instead of the Government bailing them out for the returfing, and then relying on the ratepayers of Christchurch and a rates increase to service the debt, we need some new ideas for Lancaster Park.


With the money that Stephen Fleming et al raised at the “Fill the Basin” fundraiser, lets actually fill the basin. Let’s use the $4.1 million allocated for turf damage and instead use it to block up the sides of the stadium and turn it into a lake. We could hold mock ship battles, like the Romans used to do. We could lease it out to the Tamaki brothers, who could stage an “Authentic Maori Waka Battle Tourism Experience”. Hell, we could even bid for to be the hosts of the next America’s Cup – the first time to be held in an inland, artificial lake. Just think of the possibilities.