We used to have a bar in Christchurch, called the Christchurch Temperance Society. It was the best bar. I left there about an hour before the September 4th quake, in which it was badly damaged. It has now been knocked down. It never re-opened. The Temp provided amazing service, great wine, but really specialised in cocktails. One of their signatures was the Barbara Lee (originally called the Lady Gaga), which was named after a woman of the same name who ran a clothing business next door. I had a quiet chuckle when Barbara Lee (the business woman, not the drink) was being interviewed on the news about something CBD related. Another was called Merivale Madness. One that was made from vodka and blue powerade, and topped with a gummy jetplane, was called “The Power of Christ Compels You”.

The Power of Christ Compels You

I was in the Civil Defence HQ at the Art Gallery this evening for a meeting. There were boxes and boxes of drink for the staff – bottled Kiwi Blue brand water, and blue powerade. Only the blue stuff. The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from this is that Gerry Brownlee will not start a meeting until he has had at least one “The Power of Christ Compels You”. When he gets to the bottom of the glass, he pulls out the purple jetplane (which is by this stage, soggy and very sticky) and flies it around the room whilst making machine gun noises and yelling “take that hippies!” As his day consists of meeting after meeting, he consumes a lot of cocktails. This would then explain a number of the things he is saying, and the decisions he is making.