So before yesterday, I thought bunting was what you did in baseball when you were too uncordinated to clear the catcher on second base. Well, it turns out that bunting is also used to describe a series of flags that you hang from a rope. Gap Filler have a lot of bunting. Gap Filler started after the first quake as a community and arts response to the destruction of buildings, by using them in new, social ways. The first one was on Colombo St, and featured bands, films, solo musicians, petanque, socialising and general good times. They then did an exhibition of photographs on a wall beside the art gallery. The next Gap Filler is happening from today, again on Colombo St – though this time, down the Sydenham end. The site is where “Threw the Keyhole” used to be, just by the corner of Milton Street and Colombo. There will be a full programme of cultural events, more movies from the archives, musicians from all corners and genres, and yes, lots of bunting.

Get down and check it out, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then again next week, from Wednesday to Sunday. It gets pretty cold in the evenings these days, so wrap up warm, and it will be cancelled for the night if it’s raining. Mad props to Coralie, Andrew, Ryan and their team of helpers for putting it all together – it’s one of those things that makes you feel good about living in Christchurch, so I applaud them for doing it.