Charlie Gates’ article from last week’s Press is now up online here. It is not a complete survey of public art in town, but there are some notable ommissions. One that I am personally very concerned about is the Cairn, which was set up in the Square in protest against the scrapping of ECan last year. One the one hand, water seems like a triffling issue at this point in time; on the other, urban Christchurch has never been more acutely aware of how precious water can be, and how we have taken it for granted. The council had been trying to move the Cairn, citing reasons such as the Buskers Festival and the Rugby World Cup. Now neither of those are at all valid; however I would not be surprised if when we are allowed back into the Square, the Cairn has mysteriously disappeared.

There is plenty of evidence, photographic and video, to show that the Cairn survived the quake. This video clearly shows that it’s still there. I will try and find some photos as well.

The Cairn may have been erected in protest to a a different water issue and a different concern about democracy, but now it’s values of community, water conservation and democracy take on a new, more important meaning.