Brownlee has just announced that the ‘independent’ CERA review panel will star former National Prime Minster Jenny “the Ship” Shipley. Appointing the former leader of your party would hardly give credence to the idea of ‘independent’. However, there is more to be concerned about. Thanks to this article over at the Herald, we find that just yesterday, the Ship was wearing her “Chinese Dairy” hat to promote the expansion of the Sino-dairy industry in this country. Now that we don’t have ECan, and Brownlee can do whatever he wants, what’s the bet that the economic plan for Canterbury involves cows, cows and more cows?

Despite being one of the biggest banks in the world, a quick look at the China Construction Bank doesn’t give the impression that this is somewhere you should be putting your money. You can order one of four special credit cards with Transformers on them. No, not electrical transformers, Optimus Prime transformers. I wonder if the Chinese chaps who hired Dame Jenny believe that she can actually transform into a ship?