The Press front page this morning sensationally declares that Bob Parker has threatened to quit if Tony Marryatt was not returned as CEO of the City Council. I find it hard to believe that the Bob Parker mentioned in this story is one and the same as our beloved Mayor, Bob Parker. See, the real Bob Parker, our Mayor, showed no fear when Christchurch was struck by an earthquake. Without hesitation, he found the nearest TV camera and reassured us that everything was ok. He was so brave, so courageous, he approached every interview without any thoughts of what it might do to his personal profile or electability. Day in, day out, he was there, reassuringly on the box, wearing his orange jacket, touring the suburbs to see “poor people”, demonstrating how to use a chemical toilet. He didn’t even stop to think about who was running the city and the recovery – he was just so focussed on getting the message out there, to all the people who had power in Fendalton, Cashmere, Karori and Grey Lynn. I can’t reconcile the principled, determined actions of that Bob Parker, our Mayor – the man’s man, with the description that the Press has presented this morning; a petulant, bullying man who would rather threaten resignation than listen to dissent. I call upon the Press to “reveal” who this “Bob Parker” they quoted really is – and what he’s done with the Real Bob Parker, our Brave Leader.