Yesterday, the Press ran a “positive” story from a guy dealing with insurance issues, who just wants us all to be more positive and say things are great etc etc. I didn’t read it, but since it went online, it has led to a lot of comment. And interestingly, commenters have alleged that the man at the centre of the story – Wayne Hurrell – actually works for Southern Response, AMI Insurance’s repair body. 

The Press runs a description or a disclaimer on perspective piece’s in the paper, and this one ran like this:

“Wayne Hurrell is married man with young daughters whose house is on TC3 land. The family had a joint review between their insurance company and the EQC in May 2012. Their house will be repaired, with ownership of the earthquake claim yet to be determined between EQC and the insurer.”

Now, nowhere in that does he say that he works for Southern Response. The Press have to answer the questions raised by the commenters on this story. Does Hurrell work for Southern Response?* If so, did he make this clear to the Press when he offered up this opinion piece? Was it even written by him – or someone in the AMI PR department who decided on Mr Hurrell as a positive face for this propaganda piece?

Aside from the questionable background of Mr Hurrell, the actual content is at times moronic too.

“if you are not planning to leave Christchurch, have your insurance company build you a brand new house”

You know, Mr Hurrell, I’m pretty sure it’s not just that simple. People have been fighting for 2 years, some for 2 and a half, to get their fucking insurance companies just to honour their existing policies. There have been only 600 houses built since September 2010. If it was just a case of being positive and getting your insurance company to build you a new house, then WHY DON’T WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF NEW HOUSES ALL ACROSS THE CITY? You think people are just sitting on their hands? A moron, and possibly an insurance company stooge to boot. 

* I’ve had a quick google, and no definite link. His public page has very little information, apart from saying he supports National. Doesn’t say where he works.