I’d never picked Councillor Ngaire Button for a sparkling wit, but it’s clear that I have misunderestimated her. Though New Zealand satire is going through something of a purple patch at the moment, Button’s story from Monday June 10th would have made even The Civilian proud. As reported in the paper, she has decided to show her disdain for party politics by choosing to start a political party – except, she’s using the jargon of politics to call it a “non-political allegiance”! As with all great satire, she starts with subtly, then ramps up the laughs by suggesting there would be “no leader, no political philosophy, no stand on any particular issue”. Who would vote for a councillor who boasted of standing for nothing? Ludicrous, but fantastical and hilarious.

What really alerted me to the rude being spun was the last section, in which Button says that her non-aligned non-political allegiance CityFirst was “definitely different” from her former non-aligned non-political allegiance Independent Citizens, as the latter had actual policies! The idea that someone could construct this scenario – a non-political political party running without a leader on a platform of standing for nothing – shows just what fertile imaginations our councillors’ have. Bravo Ngaire!