A bid to get $50 million put into social housing projects has failed at council, being voted down 4 votes to 10. That bit might not be surprising. What I did like was some of the justification that the councillors gave. 

Cr Jamie Gough said he could not support placing a further financial burden on ratepayers. “Everyone is struggling. Everyone in this city has been to hell and back. The answer is not to load everyone up with extra debt.”

Yesterday, Gough was championing a motion which will see up to $10 million dollars of concessions given to property developers building apartments. It passed 13 votes to 1.

The rates rebate was the idea of Cr Jamie Gough who argued that developers needed a financial incentive to build new residential units rather than offices in the central city as it was otherwise uneconomic. 

Were we not worried about that financial burden yesterday Jamie? Or are we happy to pile up the debt when it might benefit our property developing family, but if it concerns the welfare of some of our most vulnerable people, it’s just too much? 

It seems that the only councillor who actually has consistent position on this is Tim Carter; a shame that he seems to not be running for council again – but with hypocrisy and graft like this, I can kind of see why he wouldn’t.