I spend a lot of time bagging property developers, but I don’t actually think they’re all bad. Just most of them. Anyway, here is one that goes against the grain. 

Geoff Butcher, the principal of Cooperative Sections, has secured enough land for 38 houses and has sold, or nearly sold, 29 sections so far. The nine remaining sections are mostly small – 250sqm to 350sqm – and cost about $140,000. There is one larger section left.

Not only are these sections more affordable, they embody a lot of the values that people said they wanted in a city – more compact living, green design, and community values.

Butcher has also adopted a five-star rating system that encourages homeowners to insulate well and install innovative sustainable features like solar power. Depending how many residents achieve five stars, rebates could run towards $10,000 each.

While this is only a small development – 38 sections – it would be great if this sort of idea could get off the ground.