Everything about this story makes me feel wrong.

Speaking at a Ministry of Awesome event in Christchurch yesterday, Gough said: “I’m sorry, Urban Design Panel, it doesn’t fit your mould. I’m not Westfield.”

I don’t want to be one of those guys who tells the media how to do their job … but aren’t you meant to provide some balance in your stories? What did the Urban Design Panel do to provoke this imbecilic outburst? Because if anyone involved in the Christchurch rebuild needs some aesthetic guidance, it’s Anthony Gough. Judging from the quote above, he didn’t actually say it to the Urban Design Panel, but to the Ministry of Awesome (who have so far proven themselves to be nothing more than a meaningless slogan looking for a pre-loved pile of jargon in which to make their home.)

Sadly, this story represents one of the most detailed discussions of building design that we’ve seen in the rebuild.