Brownlee’s back, and this time, he’s bolshier than ever. Yes, after laying relatively low for a month or so, perhaps trying not to get involved with the fallout from the consents debacle, he’s poked his head above the ramparts to lob some more rocks at the grubby peasants. He was responding to a critical letter from some of Christchurch’s richest men – i.e. people who usually be backing the government’s development plan. But they ain’t happy:

The three businessmen argue the CCDU’s ambitious Blueprint plan for the central city is at risk of stalling, unless more commercial experience is brought into the heart of the process, as the recovery moves from broad plans to investment decisions and project implementation.

“Time is of the essence; already too many commercial tenants have voted with their feet and left the city.”

It’s not just rich developers who he wants to ignore; former National MPs get the Brownlee slap-down too:

Complaints the CCDU lacks commercial nous and that an independent board is needed as a buffer between its staff and the minister have been echoed by other senior Christchurch figures, such as former National MP and cabinet minister Philip Burdon.

But wait! There’s more! Not satisfied with knocking the rich and powerful, he also takes a shot at the rest of us:

As for the call for greater community input, Brownlee replied: “Where is the lack of local engagement?

Where is the lack of community engagement? I’ll tell you: it’s in Christchurch. There is no community engagement in CERA, in CCDU, in the blueprint. Any engagement into the council is stifled when Gerry ignores them. The community forum hasn’t been heard of since they were announced. Willfully ignoring the people he claims to represent? Gerry’s back to his bullying best.