Glenn Conway has rung around the South Island Labour MPs, and has asked them which camps they fall into.

David Cunliffe supporters: Lianne Dalziel.
Grant Robertson supporters: Megan Woods, Maryann Street, Ruth Dyson.
Shane Jones supporters: Rino Tirikatene.
Undecided: Damien O’Connor, Clare Curran.
Won’t say: David Parker, David Clark, Clayton Cosgrove.

Conway’s groupings would align with what I’ve heard around the traps in most cases. Given that its a preferential vote, anything that goes to the third placed candidate – safe to assume it’s Jones – comes back into play. As Rino is a very new MP, will be interesting to see whether he sides with the strongly Robertson Christchurch MPs who he has to work with, or the Maori caucus, a number of whom have gone with Cunliffe previously.

The Christchurch candidate roadshow is being held at Addington Raceway on September 10th, and will be pretty fascinating. Members only though 🙂

Update: in a conversation on twitter, Otago politics lecturer reckons that Clark and Curran are behind Robertson;

That would mean that Robertson could conceivably get 8, even 9, of the South Island MPs.