This is an extraordinary letter to the Press this morning, reproduced here verbatim:

The growing demand from cyclists – a small section of the community – for exclusive rights on our roads is becoming farcical.
Car owners face a myriad of costs for the privilege of taking their cars on public roads, which have been designed since the demise of the horse and cart.
The cycling community contribute nothing and are bludgers in the grand scheme of road use. Many are a visible distraction, bordering on environmental pollution, with their multi-coloured Lycra bulging at seams struggling to contain excess body weight.
Cyclists’ call for motorists to create a 1.5 metre space when passing will cause carnage on the roads. If that measurement is taken from the outside edge of the rump, it will force many a motorist into the on-coming lane.
My advice to cyclists is to walk or take the bus and save us motorists from these pesky distractions. There are plenty of off-road tracks designated solely for cycling.
Best that cyclists use them rather than roads.

KEN LLOYD, Parklands