Pretty much everyone knows about Gap Filler, right? They do great things in Christchurch. They want more people to do great things. So they asked everyone who is running for Council and Mayor a few questions, and then collated the replies. The questions were:

1. In what ways, if elected, would you encourage active citizenship & people’s participation in building our city?

2. What role can Council play to make the post-earthquake environment an attraction rather than a deterrent?

3. Do you support experimentation via temporary community, art, business and architecture projects? If so, how can Council support these temporary activities? If not, why not?

4. What of your recent work and volunteering experience is relevant to Christchurch’s present needs?

5. Which Blueprint anchor project are you most supportive of and why?

So jump through to the link above, and you can find out how the candidates in your ward answered (if they answered at all.)