I thought I should follow up my electorate guide with a bit of assistance with the health board elections. This is the only part of the ballot that is conducted via STV, so can be a little more confusing. You need to rank all the candidates, from 1 to 26. Only seven get in, so you need to rank your faves at the top, and your worsts at the bottom. Here are my suggestions:

1. Paul McMahon

2. David Morrell

3. Heather Symes

4. Oscar Alpers

5. Jo Kane

6. Anna Crighton

7. Adrian Te Patu

8. John Paul Jones

9. Jimmy Page

10. Robert Plant

11. John Bonham

12. Davis Love the Third

13. Davis Love the Second

14. Davis Love the First of Spain

15. David Bain

16. Clayton Weatherstone

17. Scott Watson

18. Captain Scott

19. Ernest Shackleton

20. The Abominable Snowman

21. The Abdominable Snowman

22. Archie (the regular Snowman)

23. Jon Snow

24. Tim’s neighbour Wilson from “Home Improvement”

25. Electronic Schizophrenia Guy

26. Aaron Keown