Lianne Dalziel looks like a sure thing for the Christchurch mayoralty. The latest Press poll has her at 76%. iPredict has her at over 90%. Her opponents have conceded that they have little chance. Surely nothing, not even an earthquake, could stop her now?

Former National MP Aaron Gilmore has backed Labour stalwart Lianne Dalziel in the Christchurch mayoralty race.

Oh god, no! Surely not! How will Dalziel’s campaign be impacted by this endorsement from New Zealand’s least liked, least relevant former politician? Maybe this is an attempt by an imposter to derail the Lianne Train?

Mr Gilmore said despite owning multiple properties and being able to vote in multiple wards, he was only voting in Burwood-Pegasus.

Nope, that characteristic lack of self-awareness is definitely him.