The fallout from the council consenting crisis continues, and looks like it will have repercussions for a number of managers.

Among those whose positions are set to be axed is executive team member Peter Mitchell, who was the regulatory and democracy services general manager when the consenting crisis unfolded.

Great! Justice for those who were responsible for this mess. Oh, wait…

He has taken up a new role as a principal adviser to the council’s chief executive to make way for a new general manager of building control and rebuild.

So one of the most senior managers, who was involved in a systemic fuck-up at council loses his job, but they will find another one for him in council. Presumably on the same (high) salary band. I don’t know how close Mitchell was to the consents debacle, as I don’t think anyone outside a core of a few people at council really know the truth at this point. However, part of his role as the Orwellian-titled “regulatory and democracy services general manager” seemed to be to manage the democratically-elected council by keeping them at arms length from the executive.

Meanwhile, 20 less-senior employees will take the rap for these guys. It will be interesting to see what Lianne and the new council do to change this bizarre corporate culture that has permeated council; men (and they’re mainly men) who are paid large salaries to do a job, and when they fail at them, somehow get shifted into another role.