I don’t want to get too excited, but there seems to be some real change in the air in this city. Gerry is having to defend EQC – and this time, doesn’t seem to be as keen to stand by Ian Simpson as he was in the past. Labour’s announcements on insurance and housing have put the government on the back foot, especially in the east. And this morning, Radio NZ reports that some in the business community – as well as the new councillor Raf Manji – are asking the CCDU to reconsider the “Green Frame” that was a key part of the blueprint. I’ve blogged about why I think the frame is a bad idea here a number of times – so I’m happy to see that these criticisms are now reaching the political discourse. The Frame was one of the biggest selling points of the whole blueprint, so if it is to be re-considered, that will ask some bigger questions about the plan as a whole – which, in my opinion, can only be a good thing.