Peter Townsend – who’s job definition might as well be “say nice things about the government and the rebuild”, said to Duncan Garner on RadioLive that we were between 3 and 5% of the way through the rebuild. That’s a remarkable thing to say. If you take that we are 32 months on from February 2011, and to take the midpoint of 3-5% (4%), then that means it takes 8 months to get through 1% of the rebuild. If you extrapolate from that, we’ve got another 66 years until the rebuild is done – which would take us to 2077.

Assuming things to go faster than that, it still shows how far from progress we are here in Christchurch. Activity is going to have to scale up by several orders of magnitude if we are going to get anything done within a reasonable time frame. When your biggest hype-man is starting to sing from a different song sheet, maybe it’s time to have a serious rethink about the tune that you’re pushing.