At a meeting last week, newly-elected councillor David East reportedly called mild-mannered Glenn Livingstone a cunt. Not language becoming of an elected representative – though I wouldn’t have put it past Aaron Keown. Not sure what Glenn does to deserve all this – he was also the target of a verbal outburst from former councillor Barry Corbett. The Press describes the situation like so:

The flare-up happened after Labour’s by-election candidate, Poto Williams, responded to a question at the meeting about the water park. She expressed concerns about the cost of the project, which East is backing. This angered East, who believes the Labour Party has an agenda against the project. Livingstone is a Labour Party member and well-known supporter of Williams but denies he or Labour oppose the project.

East was as close a single-issue candidate as we had in the recent elections, and beat Livingstone by a large margin. His single issue was, of course, the water park – for which he and Tim Sintes attracted 20,000 signatures to their petition. So what is this water park? There is a website here:

All year Indoor recreational facility with glass dome eco-environment
3 heated swimming pools (10 lane lap pool, aquagym, learners)
Hot salt water pools and spa pools
World class signature water slides
Wetpark- water jets and fun stuff for kids of all ages
Wave rider – attract international surf competitions
Fitness Centre
Seaside location
Retail outlets

So it’s a pretty bold plan – and one that no doubt won him a seat on Council. However, it’s going to be a bloody expensive thing to build, and though he insists it is costed on his website, his doesn’t actually provide the figures – just says that it’s a “no-brainer”. I can see why he’s getting worked up – he ran on one issue, and now that he’s on council, he has to deliver it. He can see that it’s not going to be easy to achieve that. From Poto William’s point of view, she’s trying to limit expectation by cautiously supporting the idea, but waiting to see the costings. I think it would be a stretch to say that Williams or Livingstone, were “against” the pool just because they are waiting to see full costed plan. For East to start abusing his ward colleague just a month into his term suggests a 3 year term could be a reality check for a man who promised his constituents so much.