IMG_1673Are you confused about which Right-wing nut job party to vote for? Well, Leighton Baker hasn’t been helping things, with his billboard which can be seen in Christchurch East. Yes, the hoarding reads as though it is soliciting votes for ACT, not the Conservatives. ACT President John Boscawen* tweeted this not long ago:

Conservative Party changed Chch East billboards from Act to Action after our candidate thanked them for their support

It says a lot about this wannabe political party that they can’t even get their message clear. That said, ACT aren’t doing much better; they have big billboards up, rather than hoardings, and the ones I have seen have all been in the wrong electorate. They also have a tick in place of the “V” in Gareth Veale’s name, so it’s unclear whether you should be voting for Eale or Veale. Again, poorly designed and poorly executed.

* don’t worry, I’m not going to make a habit of quoting John Boscawen here