Johnny Moore’s Press column this morning was particularly forthright. It centres on the Ministry nightclub, but could be describing any number of compulsory acquisitions in the central city.

If you want tales of injustice you don’t need to look far in this city. It bloody stinks that someone can have their rights trampled over like that. I think there is something fundamentally wrong with that equation. By building a successful business over many years and making a go of it, Bruce has a right – an ethical right – to be allowed to continue.

They should have let him stay. They could have built their bus station around his building and there would have been nobody to disturb except for a few bus drivers sneaking a ciggie on a break. But they came and took his land off him so that they could create some artificial perfect city.

The CCDU announced that they need the land that the Ministry sits on so they can build a bus depot. I don’t agree with their planning choices, but that’s what they want. Then, 18 months on, they say that they want hospitality venues on the site. They are effectively buying up the site, sterilising it, and building their little sanitised version of a city. As Johnny says, it’s bullshit.