This afternoon I had the privilege to visit the Arts Centre, along with Labour’s heritage Spokesperson Jacinda Ardern and Christchurch Central candidate Tony Milne. We were given a comprehensive look around, and it is amazing to see what they have been able to do.

20140703-151454-54894838.jpgThis is the roof of the old gym building, which used to house the Academy Cinema. This is going to be the new home of Free Theatre – and will be open really soon!

20140703-151502-54902760.jpgIn the space that most people will know as Annie’s Wine Bar, there is a store of all the bits and bobs that have been pulled out of the buildings, labelled, and ready to go back in. This is a library of doors.

20140703-151458-54898441.jpgThis is the view from the first floor balcony, looking into the North Quad. The Great Hall is behind the big crane, and Le Cafe is to the right of the shot.

20140703-151459-54899996.jpgI took this shot from the same place, and the light is very bad, but I loved the sight of the moss growing on the stone work! It is quite lush after 3 years.

20140703-151456-54896814.jpgHere is a concrete mixer, which has its own little shelter, made from the stalls which the Arts Centre Market used to use.

20140703-151504-54904357.jpgThis may not look like much, but it is the spot where I was sitting in Le Cafe at 12:51 on February the 22nd. Obviously, I hadn’t been back there since. It was very odd to be inside again.

We were brilliantly guided around the site by the CEO of the Arts Centre, Andre Lovatt. It really is a hive of activity, with around 100 people working on the site. Seeing all the buildings that have been the back drop to so many stages of my life was a real thrill. It was like an archeological dig site, with people painstakingly trying to put history back to the way it was pre-2011. It will be great to step back into these buildings, as they re-open phase by phase over the next few years.