On Morning Report this morning, they went to a very unusual commentator for an opinion on National and Labour’s campaign ads. John Ansell. You may remember John Ansell from the Iwi/Kiwi billboards of 2005 – or you may have tried to purge his backwards, racist view on the world from your memory (recommended). His ideas were too crazy for National, so he went to ACT. His ideas were too crazy for them too. How he ended up on our public broadcaster is a mystery to me. He said a couple of loony things, but this takes the cake:

God is obviously a member of the National Party where [sic] as he um flattened the people’s republic of Christchurch and that created the economic growth that the Nats are now boasting about.

This comes hot on the heels of Cameron Slater calling earthquake victims “scum”. The people of this city deserve more than this. I join in my colleague Clayton Cosgrove’s calls for Prime Minister John Key to condemn these comments while he is in Christchurch today. As Clayton says:

That is absolutely disgraceful and hurtful to all those Cantabrians who have been toughing it out for the last four years … Mr Key may claim Mr Ansell doesn’t have direct links to the National Party anymore, as he does with Mr Slater, but that’s not good enough. John Key must show leadership and condemn the comments. That’s what New Zealanders expect from a Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the insurance industry are reporting increased profits, and the Insurance Council “hope” to have “most” claims completed by the end of 2016 – 6 years since the first quake! The so-called recovery isn’t delivering for the people who need it most, and the attitudes of those close to the National Party show why they aren’t concerned about changing this any time soon.