Andy Zaltzman, one half of the fantastic Bugle podcast, was in Christchurch for a gig (and also to watch some World Cup Cricket games). He recorded his end of the podcast from the city, which he described thusly:

“I’m now in Christchurch, New Zealand … [the] city took the wrong end of a nasty bit of plate tectonics four years ago. It’s gradually rebuilding. Thankfully it’s prioritised its cricket ground which is now up and running for a couple of World Cup games this weekend. Building a cricket ground is not necessarily the top of everyone’s priority list post-earthquake, particularly not those who are waiting for arguably more important things to be rebuilt first; for example – their houses. But it shows that this is my kind of town.”

The other half of the Bugle is John Oliver, who has made fun of both John Key and Steven Joyce on his satirical news show, Last Week Tonight. I know National likes to be seen on the international stage, but I’m not sure that being constantly ridiculed for incompetent governance does much to improve our international reputation.