The central bus exchange opened yesterday. I went down at the evening rush hour, just to see how everything was going, and it seems to be fine. I’m sure there will be some initial teething issues, but I’d like to see how it develops. I have two questions. The first is how the zig-zag bus bay structure works. If you haven’t been there yet, what happens is the bus pulls into a docking bay, where people can get on and off. When the bus is ready to leave, it then has to reverse back into the circle, before heading out again. While I was there yesterday, there were maybe 4 or 5 buses in the complex, and they didn’t seem to be getting in each other’s way. I wonder whether that will stay the same when all of the complex is open.

Secondly, is there any capacity for intercity buses? I suspect the answer is no, but it would seem to make sense if the buses that leave the city for Dunedin or the West Coast – of which there aren’t a huge number – could also use the facility. That would make travel more convenient for travellers from around the country and around the world.