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One of Brownlee’s arguments against paying 100% rateable value on red zone sections was that they couldn’t afford it. The cost was estimated at $47 million. In comparison, Bill English found $30m to throw at Rio Tinto, a company which recorded a $4.2 billion profit for the year. Then they decided to give people interest-free loans on Meridian shares – estimated cost, $40 million. That doesn’t even factor in the costs of brokers, let alone the utility of all taxpayers owning these power companies.

Not only can this government hand out money to the rich willy nilly, but they have the nerve to imply that these people, being forced off their land, are ingrates. Drop the appeal now, Mr Brownlee, and show that you do have an ounce of humanity and humility.

Yesterday, the Quake Outcasts won a landmark decision in the High Court, which found that the government had indeed screwed them over by paying 50% of what their land was valued at under a compulsory acquisition. Gerry Brownlee has decided to appeal, and the Prime Minister has come out with this astonishing statement:

“The Government would say actually we are being pretty generous on an insured piece of land, we are paying you out 50 per cent.¬†One option is the Government says ‘thanks very much, it’s been a lot of fun. If you don’t want to take the offer, that’s where it’s at’.”

Thanks very much. It’s been a lot of fun. This is in response to a small group of people who have had to fight the Crown through the courts to get a fair amount of money for the land that the Government made a unilateral decision to remove from them. I understand that this will be one of Key’s flippant, throw-away lines, but to dismiss this group of people – who have taken your Minister to Court, and won – in this way shows just how appallingly out of touch Key and Brownlee have become about this city.