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Well, it’s day 12 of the quake // rebuild // however you view it. I am going to try and update the status on venues around town, as more information has come to hand, and situations have become clearer. Hopefully it’s the last time I do it. We’ll see. A few things are starting to reopen, so here we go:

Record Stores

Galaxy is re-opening today. That’s good.

Pennylane are currently closed but hope to reopen in the same building, once buildings either side have been strengthened / demolished.

Our Sydenham store is currently CLOSED but on a very positive note we will be back in business as soon as we can! We are waiting for the Angus Donaldson building which is beside us to be demolished which started on Saturday. Once this is completed we can assess where to from here. We have explored a number of options but ideally we want to re open in our existing building ASAP.

Real Groovy is perhaps less fortunate. Apparently, their sprinkler system thought it was a fire, and went off, doing considerable damage to their stock. They will be back, but probably not at that site. Keep up with the latest info, via a facebook page that they seem to have neglected.

Bars / Venues

The Bedford is opening this Sunday. How do I know? Cos I asked the dudes that run it. Easy when you know how. They have lots of stuff coming up

AL’s Bar was open last week

AL’s Bar survived with no damage or loss of product or gear.

Goodbye Blue Monday will be open from tonight (Wednesday the 15th). Only one entrance – from High St, the alleyway next to Roneo.

Concrete Club / Double Happy – both fine in terms of structural damage, but unable to open due to the fence around the outside. Not sure when that will be removed. Trying to find out from the bar manager what the deal is – but I still can’t find out when I’m going to be able to go back to my place, which is in the same building. I’m gonna assume it will be around the same time – hopefully by the weekend.

The Dux – has remained open almost uninterrupted. Had gigs last weekend. Brew bar was closed but tavern bar fine.

The Repertory – I got a message from twitter from Lawrence Arabia saying that he had been in contact with someone from the Rep, and that it wasn’t a goner, that they would try and rebuild. Now that is quality journalism, but currently, it’s the best I’ve got. So finger crossed, though we may need to have a few more earthquake strengthening fundraisers.


Harbourlight – could be open as early as next week! Strengthening work being done. I think everyone has to be stoked with that.

Wunderbar – open by Christmas

Loons – green sticker, will continue to be open

El Santo – didn’t have any damage, has been open since the night of the quake


Yesterday, I ignored the sizeable aftershock in the Heathcote Valley and drove out to see what things were like in Lyttelton. I don’t think you could really underestimate the damage. The harbour town has always been a special place with unique buildings, and the damage to those buildings is very significant. One has to wonder how Lyttelton will cope with such a massive change to it’s skyline, and it’s sense of community. The Harbourlight theatre is probably the most high-profile casualty. I have to admit that I’ve never been into it before – and I guess that I never will. The crack that runs down the side is fairly worrying, and London St in front of it has been closed off, in case it falls. If it falls forward, it may damage the supermarket, which may in turn damage one of the most loved bars in town, if not the whole country, the Wunderbar.


The Harbourlight Theatre

The Eastern were meant to be playing at the Wunderbar on Saturday night, but have moved that show to the Loons next door. According to Adam McGrath,

ok the wunderbar is beat but not out, but no shows for some time

So, as with a lot of the information I’ve got, I haven’t been able to verify any of this with the owner of the Wunderbar. However, it looks like the quake managed to pop cinder blocks off of the outside of the building, which suggests that it has suffered fairly extensive structural damage.


Fallen blocks off the side of the Wunderbar

While it looks like one could put the blocks back in fairly easily, I think that the fact that they have popped out means that it must be in a pretty bad way. Also, a number of the bricks have fallen out towards the Monster Bar, which is another great part of the Lyttelton scene that may be too broken to fix.

El Santo – in the old British Hotel – looks to be fine. Flip Grater is playing there tonight, and I’m meant to be there tomorrow (if I can get my band gear out of the central city.)

El Santo

El Santo

There were a number of other non-musical buildings in Lyttelton that have been badly damaged – the Empire Hotel being one. I spotted this sign in the window of the shop two doors down from the Harbourlight that I thought was appropriate:

keep calm and carry on

keep calm and carry on

If you want to help out with the buildings in Lyttelton, then I’d suggest you go and see the Eastern on Sunday, at the Loons. Suggested donation of $10 on the door, but more would always be welcomed:

Hold Fast