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Remember how when the Hagley Oval development was given the go ahead, very strict conditions were placed on it? Well, surprise surprise, they’re already trying to get these restrictions changed:

CWC (Cricket World Cup) has applied for a certificate of compliance to change the amount of days the temporary facilities need to be up for during the 2015 tournament. CWC wants to have the temporary infrastructure up for 46 days from January 19 to March 5.

The Environment Court decision allows for installation between one and three days before each fixture, depending on the type of structure, and a one- to three-day pack-down after each event.

So, under the current regulations, they have between 1 and 3 days to install before each of the 4 fixtures (3 games + opening ceremony), and the same after, for each match that is being held at the oval. That would be a minimum of 8 days, a maximum of 24 days. CWC are applying for 46 days. I’m not usually a fan of the “slippery slope”-type argument, but this seems to be a pretty good example of it in action. The Cricket World Cup is just the thin end of the wedge – now these guys have jammed their wedge in the door, they’re trying to pry it off completely.


This blog has a great re-cap of QEII park – a sporting infrastructure project that had a shelf life of less than 40 years. Crazy really.

1974 commonwealth games
it’s crowning glory
after the quakes
and what it looks like now