Christchurch’s biggest subdivision, Wigram Skies, have just announced that they will be building a their own shopping mall.

Wigram Skies will eventually have 1800 homes and around 4000 residents. It is being built on the former Wigram Aerodrome site.

Ngai Tahu Property development manager Alan Grove said The Landing was intended to cater for residents in surrounding neighbourhoods, not just Wigram Skies.

Great. This place is growing so fast that the market can justify another mall, even though they already have two major malls in Hornby – the Hub and Dressmart – as well as a supermarket and shopping centre not far away at Halswell. Census data showed that this part of town was expanding at one of the fastest rates in the city. So if this place is growing so fast they need another mall, why are they closing the only intermediate school in the hood, at Branston?