Did you feel the change in the air? As though something momentous was occurring? Yes, that’s right, it’s time to put our City First. Today, Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button announced her new brain child “City First“, which was a surprise to many who were genuinely shocked to learn she had a brain at all. City First will be a power union between Button and the CCC’s other resident scholar, Aaron Keown. Maybe I should let them describe it in their own words:

“The idea is to have a group of people standing in the next election in who the public can have confidence that their only interests lie with the city and not with any political party or hidden agenda” said Button.

So to combat the devil that is political parties, with their hidden agendas (I think normal people call them “policies”) Button has proposed to … start a political party. Slow clap …

Turns out Ngaire has been “disheartened” by the agendas of some councillors, and wants to create a stable working environment and “get the best out of everyone at the table”. Here’s a tip Button; if you want to build trust then don’t try and establish a super committee that overrides existing, functioning council committees. 

Oh dear. This is the calibre of some of the people on our council, our deputy mayor no less. That she can send out a media release about her and other councillor forming an alliance with the headline “NEW NON POLITICAL ALLEGIANCE TO STABILISE COUNCIL” shows just how poorly represented we are.