In happier news, it sounds like the CCDU may have seen sense, and might be amenable to fixing the IRD building on Cashel St:

The Press understands that the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) is considering saving the eight-storey former IRD building and its neighbouring Pavilion building. Both Cashel St buildings were bought by the Crown as part of the eastern frame but the CCDU has never confirmed their fate. A CCDU spokesman last week said no final decisions had been made but The Press understands that once the Crown chooses a partner for residential development in the frame, the possibility of refurbishing the buildings would be looked at.

This sounds encouragingly like the Those Left Standing campaign, which I launched at the start of March.

Hopefully that means that Gerry and Co are reading this blog – and if that’s the case, I hope they read my suggestions about Lancaster Park and the Government Life building. Unfortunately, it’s too late for The Majestic. But I don’t really care whose idea it was, as long as the CCDU starts doing more to get the city up and running again.