The fight over Hagley Oval continues in the letters ages if the Press – though the rest if the media would like you to think that it’s all over. An interesting letter points out the costs of the development – and the tenuous state of the cricket lobby’s finances. The pavilion and the light towers are each set to cost $8 million, plus $1.65m for the embankment. If you allow for cost overflows, maybe some things that haven’t been factored in as yet (fence to keep non-paying citizens out?) I think assuming a $20m price tag is reasonable.

The Canterbury Cricket Association and the Canterbury Cricket Trust have less than $500,000 between them.

While many in the media and supporters of the oval think that opponents lost because of the environment court decision, again, I would stress that this is an aspect which Judge Borthwick had no remit to consider. Asking where the money for construction is coming from – and then to see a budget for running costs – isn’t needless opposition. It’s civic responsibility.